Posted by michaelgoldberg on Mar 17, 2019
Master FaceBook Ads with Ecom Expert

Master FaceBook Ads with Ecom Expert

In this Online TRAINING you will discover:
How to build a brand as an Amazon seller using the power of Facebook!
The Opportunities Available Now!
The Money is in the List – Even for Amazon sellers! Learn How to Use it!
Making Facebook do the Dirty Work!
Zeroing in on your Audience for REAL Results on your Amazon Brand!
Using Simple Facebook Ads to Launch your products on Amazon!

His name is Manuel Suarez.
You might remember him, because I interviewed him on my Elevated Ecommerce Podcast, and I then had him on a few fast track webinars where he knocked it out of the park.
I have been “on him” to teach my people EXACTLY step by step what he is doing, because his method has an unparalleled track record at this point.
I’ve just never seen ANYONE get these sorts of results – consistently – from simple facebook ads.
On Thursday of this week, he is holding a special Webinar called:
“Exploding Your Amazon Business With Simple Facebook Ads”
He’s not really used to doing webinars, so I have no idea how many seats are available for this.
But based on what happens every time that I strongly recommend something, I predict this webinar will be oversold.

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