Posted by michaelgoldberg on Mar 22, 2019
PolyBoard Pro-PP

PolyBoard Pro-PP

PolyBoard Pro-PP is an impressive furniture design program that will provide you with both 2D as well as 3D view of the objects and it can also calculate the costs. This application helps you in process of the designing as well as manufacturing cabinets, allowing you ro to explore various different structures, materials and styles. PolyBoard Pro-PP integrates all encompassing set of tools which you can turn to in order to design your furniture. It allows you to inspect your cabinet from the front and top. You can turn to zoom and rotation tools for smooth assessment. With this application you can create front-sloped and side-sloped cabinets as well as rear right and rear left unboxed cabinets. On a conclusive note we can say that PolyBoard Pro-PP is an impressive application which will let you design furniture easily.

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